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    Can't connect to facebook: Already have another team


    I started playing Top Eleven on my mobile a few days ago. I've tried to connect it to my facebook account, but I get a popup that reads "You already have a club connected to this account. Would you like to load it?". With a load and a cancel button.

    Years ago, I started to play Top eleven on facebook. I gave up on it pretty quickly - I just didnt have the time for it.

    If I click to load that team, I'm worried that I'll lose all my progress from the past few days, if my old team on facebook will overwrite it. Any way around this please?


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    Hi Smeags,

    Thanks for the question. It's not possible to disconnect your old club from your Facebook I'm afraid. If your current club that you've just started isn't connected to Google Play/Game Center and you try to connect that Facebook account, access to the current new one will be lost. :/

    Connecting your new club account to Google Play/Game Center will allow for your progress to be saved and for you to play across multiple devices.

    Hope this helps.