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Thread: Friends not in game but friends on FB

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    Friends not in game but friends on FB

    So i wanted to ask admins will they ever try to work on this problem?
    I have a lot of friends in facebook which are playing game but i can't see them in game, also i delete some of them and they are still able to see on my friendlist, this bug exist 5 years minimum and nothing changed.
    I am not only who is facing this problem.
    Are there any limits for friends in game? Because i think there is no limit, someone had around 1000 while i have 200 and somthing
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    I have same problem. I have connected to my facebook and i cannot see one of my friends on the list. We started playing together, and we cant even play friendly matches because of that. I have invited him to the game, and i cannot see him on the friends list. When i go to his profile i cannot even manually add/delete him. I just dont have Green "Invite" sign and red "Cross" button. Nothing there.... How to fix that? We are both connected to facebook. Is there a place where i can report that bug? Its really annoying, because we started playing to play together and we cant even do it...