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    Going to the Store crashes the app on android

    It's mucht all that. Everything's working good except going to the store and/or trying to watch videos. It crashes the android app.

    Never happened in 3 years with the same phone. I've deleted all the app data and cache, re-installed the app. I have 4 megs out of 8 available.

    So, what is going on Nordeus?

    All my effort to fullfill this months plans or my team are down the drain. And i've spent tokens for a player on the academy. He's growth was depending on watching more videos to achieve the condition with special trainers and now...all is finished as the month is ending an i could not use the 7 days trainer on the academy... so...again..what's up with this rubish Nordeus? Not fair for my effort...

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    Hi Manager,

    Thanks for the report. Sorry to hear about those issue. Please try reinstalling the game once more, and if that doesn't solve it, send me a private message with your Manager ID (found in Settings) so we can look at it further as soon as possible.
    (EDIT) Additionally, you can try updating the Android System WebView and Google Chrome apps through your Store, some crashes similar to yours seem to have been solved by doing so.