As titled. Our association 2nd leg start time is set on tomorrow 28/03 GMT 2.12am.

Ridiculous association fixture time - Sunday 28/03 2.12am start!? Really!?-1-e37-d570-d13-e-4535-91-de-56-c3-f701-fca8.png
Ridiculous association fixture time - Sunday 28/03 2.12am start!? Really!?-1-e88312-e-30-f1-45-ba-a302-c223-acec1-ed8.png

As we all know, most servers would start undergoing seasonal maintenance shortly after GMT 2am already, so it is highly likely none of the teams can even support the first match, let alone the final 6th team having even any chance of attending the match (before going into how the match is played and how results can even be known, etc.).

So is Nordeus assuming none of us or our opponent would care about winning our platinum final round!?

It is beyond ridiculous that an association match final leg can even be set so late - that the last match would definitely start after seasonal refresh.

Moderators and admins, please kindly reflect this to the develop ASAP and request a time change for at least a few hours earlier so the final can actually be played?

Our association tag: #29GB24
Opponent tag: #NHMXZG

Thanks in advance!