Just wanted to pass on my poor experience with trying to resolve a technical issue in game. A few days ago while I was in Youth Academy assessing future players and the game froze on me as it sometimes does. Nothing serious so I thought but when the game reset I noticed my assets had been depleted to almost nothing and couldn’t figure out why. Looking in the youth academy I noticed one of my prospects had increased marginally less than 3%. I then noticed I had “purchased” a 40% Coach. I immediately contacted support , my guess is less than 5 minutes later explaining the situation and asking for return of the assets and have the player reduced to original status.
The response was they would only return my assets if I released the player. Seriously. I had invested a ton in this player, far more than I was asking in return but nope, Top Eleven insisted I release or they keeping my assets. In other words spend $1000 to get back $300. If I keep the player I have very few assets left. If I give up player I get back 88 tokens but I lose the player I gave up over 200 tokens and hundreds more colour bars for. Very disappointed in the response basically end of line me as I can’t be close to competitive without player, but have no real assets, blues, greens, reds to compete.

I contacted again explaining what I already invested in player and next response was trying to sell me on this being good for my team and they would allow me to keep the player. Very generous to allow me to keep a player I already paid for, classy. Honestly it felt like a shakedown by top eleven. No choice but delete game and move on.
Hopefully others don’t have same experience I had, I think the matter could have been resolved but top Eleven are choosing to punish me for the glitch in their game. Disappointing as I had saved these assets over a few seasons but just a poor end for me.