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Thread: 2 bugs.

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    2 bugs.

    I find 2 bugs.
    1) In a game 1 player (ST) took red card.
    I made a substitution. I send off a midfielder and I send in a Striker. BUT I COULDN'T put him to position that was the other Striker who received the red card.
    That is a bug, because the game must let us make change positions from any position to any position. Even if one player is off with red card.

    2) bug: I complete an offer in time from Fyber and I haven't received yet the rewards. I completed Wednesday 12/5/2021, the offer was ends on Friday 14/05/2021, I made report for this and I haven't received nothing from Fyber. I have all the rules ok... first play, no Vpn, 20 level the Settlement before time expired, etc.etc. And no answer from them at all.

    I don't know what to do with this case.
    I send to them 2 emails (the second was reply) and the only I received is that: we will answer in 36 hours or less.
    And no answer at all.

    Thx and sorry for my English.
    Best regards
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