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Thread: Unfair draw in associations

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    Unfair draw in associations

    While you’re trying to mock us with the ridiculous rewards against unbalanced opponents, you also messed up the weekend draw for the associations.

    Can you tell me which part of this matchup is fair? They have at least 20% AvQ advantage over us in all matches except one (which they still have 10% edge). In two of them, the difference is 40%! How are we supposed to compete?

    Unfair draw in associations-165ee45b-c4f9-408e-98e3-4ad0c4a24c36.jpg
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    I've been saying this for a while now. There's no level-playing field in the game on Nordeus.
    I mean, these guys probably aren't short of equals to pair them with in the weekend fixtures, but someone is having so much fun trolling us every other weekend with such mismatch.
    PS: Nordeus may not know this, but they're scaring managers away and it's only a matter of time before it becomes glaring at which point it will be too late to redeem themselves.

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    Don't add a team that doesn't have equal star rating. Kick them out if they are to strong or too weak. Too strong we will drew into a strong association that we doesn't have a chance to compete. One more thing just unfriend those team or his friends that have many 6 or 7 star player, they will make you groupted with a strong opponent and have monetary advantages that no problem to buy token because their money value is higher than us. For example Euro value is higher than Rupiah. You can buy more with Euro than Rupiah.