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Thread: Rewards not getting credited under Finance

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    Rewards not getting credited under Finance

    Hi Team,

    I had a match this morning that was played (and I won !!!) in my absence, and most probably in offline mode. After the match has been completed I am not able to view my rewards been credited in finance. The season is ending this weekend so how to resolve this now Quickly?

    My manager Id: -8645933094234512034

    Rewards not getting credited under Finance-screenshot_20210618-113605445.jpgRewards not getting credited under Finance-screenshot_20210618-113627370.jpg
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    looking at the time of your fixture in the middle of the night it won't show in todays income but in yesterdays as it was probably around the nightly update. as a low level player you need to take better care of your spending and not rely on daily competition income to stay alive. you need to be patient and manage with the players you have until the end of the season and build up some cash for next season. you've spent too much
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