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Thread: Visual bug in training report (or issue in training)

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    Visual bug in training report (or issue in training)

    I’ve noticed after one of the latest updates (not really sure which one) that the training report screen either (1) doesn’t show the skill points earned for some players, or (2) doesn’t do the sorting of players properly.

    Visual bug in training report (or issue in training)-9c00b5df-245d-4931-9b3e-f578b4ce7883.jpg

    You see from the screenshot that the players are sorted (by default, I didn’t sort them) by the training performance, i.e. skill points earned. But for some players, no skill points listed and then the players coming after them have skill points listed.

    An option 3 would be that the training code in the background calculates some skill points for these players but for some reason they end up not earning them. If the sorting of players in the report is done before actually improving them, this might cause this as well. This option would be the worse a trainings and potential improvement of players would have lost. My guess is it’s just a visual thing but I’d like a confirmation (and a fix, of course).

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    Hmm, weird one.

    Good catch anyways there, I will forward it
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    I have this as well