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    Bug Help

    Hi everyone,
    Don't your sweepstakes, have bugs? I, in my main account, had an average of the 14 strongest players of 103%.

    Do I always get teams of 151% and 169% in the Champions League?

    A person spent a lot of time in the game (training), then we thought "is it worth this time all around the game?"

    Why in the Champions League and Cup are they not against balanced teams (same averages)?
    I have friends who say the same thing.

    End these injustices
    Think about it

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    Champions League and Cup are unfair competitions, especially if your team is near server's top level... You can get teams from level above or bellow, sometimes even 2 levels difference... If you and your opponent from 2 levels above spend the same amount of tokens, to buy 11 players at 99%, his/her team will be 40% stronger...

    Years ago I suggested to them to make all teams to be in different tiers of the same level, with all players' overall dropping 20% every season... That would solve many problems, like tanking, up-selling, unfair CL and Cup... But, it seems they don't give a f**k...