Last season there was a Playstyle promotion offer (aimed for each field category: Red, Yellow & Green) and claim for this offer was advertised to be AVAILABLE UNTIL THE 3RD DAY OF THE SEASON. Also, Every other playstyle promotion offer had a season expiry time counter except for this particular offer, so there’s no reason to suspect that this particular offer won’t be transferred to the next season as advertised.

Based on the advertised I foolishly purchased this playstyle promotion offer expecting to make a claim this season. I have contact Support only to be told that all offers and rewards MUST be redeemed by the end of the season because they are not transferred into the new season.
I have purchased and redeemed other playstyle promotion event according to the rules before the season ended.

Please are there any other managers who have been duped by this Nordeus scam offer or I’m I the only one stupid enough to waste money through my misinterpretation of this dubious promotion offer.