Jersey color clash-24c2f86a-aa06-4c1d-8a24-3dd7f15897f5.jpeg

Can you tell me how these two kits clash? Did you mark the colors as “blue (any shade)” and “not blue”?

I have several problems with this new “feature” actually.

1. I have almost never had my GK wear the correct color. The blue one on the left in the screenshot has turned out as light grey, darker grey, even green but very rarely blue. How do you determine the clash conditions for GK jerseys?
2. (See above) So frequent clashes with opponent colors when in fact there is no clash (dark blue/navy vs. pink clash somehow?)
3. Why do we need this 3rd color kit anyway? We are not allowed to use a color in our away kit that clashes with home color. That means if my away kit color clashes with the opponent home color, then use my home kit, too!

With the current limited options in the shop, plus this annoyingly frequent clash issue, I am definitely not investing my tokens into buying new jerseys. It’s in Nordeus’ best interest to fix this issue, but …