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Thread: You need to cancel the first Asso leg !

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    You need to cancel the first Asso leg !

    So many managers led during their games, and had the opposite final result !
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    Does anyone care about this piece of crap anymore?

    Back of the net!

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    Our association was impacted in 3 of the 6 first legs, we had 2 wins and 1 loss (18 pts), to end up with 1 loss and 2 draws (6 pts) loss for us 12 pts and gain for the opposing team 6 pts. Fortunately in the return matches we reversed the score to qualify for the final. What would be interesting to know is how many associations did not qualify for the final because it seems to me that we had a boost for the return matches.
    Otherwise we got compensation for the different association between us, which I don't really understand. But today nothing surprises me anymore!