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Thread: Bug in gived after FA in weekend bugs

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    Bug in gived after FA in weekend bugs

    I got 4 only 1 my team compensation of the problem in the FA this weekend!!!

    Why not all my teams??

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    When we play in association for us it is 6 teams, and that the association is impacted by a bug, we compensate the whole team and not only certain teams. Here again you show your avarice. I ask you to review your arbitration and compensate all members of the association, it seems to me to be common sense.

    You have only compensated the teams impacted by the association bug, the association tournament is a team event and not an individual one, it is our entire association that has been penalized by this bug and not just the 3 teams that are part of it. Therefore the compensation must be awarded to all the member teams of our association.
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