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Thread: The amount of matches frquency is nit acceptable

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    The amount of matches frquency is nit acceptable

    It is unacceptable that I have to play a cl match and then only a few hours later ( 3) I suddenly have a league match popping up. This season you guys doubled down on making it harder for us, I update the youth academy, and instead of getting more free players, you give me the same two players and a slew of ones I have tot pay tokens for and they are not even a guarantee 3-4-6 tokens all with the same amount of stars? Come on now, you definitely are finding ways to scheme us into making us spend more and more and getting less and less. Eventually, people will stop playing altogether, greed always backfires. Stop doing this to us, you are not making the playing experience very good on here, I am not really enjoying it anymore. YOU NEED TO GIVE US A CHANCE TO AT LEAST GET SOME REST IN OUR PLAYERS, WE NEED TO SPEND RESTS FOR TRAINING AND THEN FOR RESTING BETWEEN MATCHES 6% EVERY THREE HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THE NUMBER OF MATCHES AND TRAINING WE HAVE TO ENDURE, VERY UNFAIR. INCREASE THE REST PERCENTAGE OR SHORTEN THE REST TIME
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