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Thread: Looks like the Super Cup is also bugged

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    Looks like the Super Cup is also bugged

    In addition to all the other stuff, the Super Cup just has a match that says "today" while not having a time or a slot in the fixture list. It would be my first super cup so it's disappointing.

    All these surveys you want us to complete, do you actually read the results and take actions?
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    What’s going on with the game today??
    I didn’t have a chance to enter two games in Association and now I didn’t have possibility to enter League match!
    In all 3 matches it was draw.

    My message to Nordeus support team was:
    Guys , it’s not serious!
    I’m fighting for the 1st place in League!!!!!
    It was super important match today to be present. And now it’s draw cause of some bug in game engine!
    It’s super dissapointing!

    Sorry for my French, but I’m playing like 10 previous seasons with “mutant” competitors who has 150-160% strength.
    This was first season with normal teams, not mutants.
    And now cause of some bug in system I can’t finish my season at 1st place!!!

    It’s not serious from your side, sorry.
    It’s a fact.
    It’s the last day of this month League. I was building a team properly, INVESTING MY MONEY in team, spending my TIME!!!

    And the only thing you are saying is: keep an eye on game?!?! Here you are compensation: 10 tokens and 3X10 different boosters.

    Screw it!
    Lost Championship cause your bugs = 10
    Fck it!!!!