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    Unhappy Lag

    ((pls do pardon my noobness if not correct section to post this))

    hi dev

    what to do with this game this season?
    it used to lag sometime only on inplay match,
    but now, EVERY page i try to load on menu is LAGGY.
    it take me 10minute just to recover 2% teamwork bonus.
    and ofc today penalty event, im guaranteed lose.
    its just feels like every image & pop-up in the game are giv-like, hard to load, and im not even mentioning its animation.

    tried running tfm2023, lords mobile etc, runs without problem, only T11 that lag.
    ive tried offing in game setting sound etc, app setting to give freedom, gpu, reinstall, phone reset, none can fix it.

    yeah i use low-end android, only basic apps, its still had free 1.4gb ram available before i start the game.
    logically, a manager game shouldnt be this heavy, right?. but its your game, who am i to give critics ?

    Ok ive nag enough i guess.
    can you give me link to previous T11 android version, the one that run early last season?
    or is there light version of this game that i can use?
    or any other sollution pls..?


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    Hi Manager,
    I'm very sorry to hear you're experiencing issues on your device. If reinstalling didn't help, try deleting your app's cache memory or additional steps described in this article.

    If the issue persists, please send me the following information in a private message so we can escalate this further: your Manager ID, device info, Top Eleven version and approximate time when you started experiencing this issue.

    Best, macmag123

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    I am having exactly the same issue. It is just about impossible to use. e.g. Penalty Clash event - by the time I get to try to shoot or save, it is too late. Please help

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    agh yup, sorry Game's just a devilish piece of crap in browser since.. not sure, i'd wager not after 13th but 3rd birthday or earlier. Any kind of solution suggested it's just a devious lie, lattency is just another part of t11, its a condition & it must be endured