I think I posted this yesterday, but I cannot find it. I probably forgot to hit the "Send2 button...

Okay, here is what happened:

When I signed up here a week ago, I chose "El Ghulo" as my name. My picture was that faceless guy.

All of a sudden, yesterday or the day before, I noticed that my name has changed and the picture as well (it was a chicken).

The spooky thing about this is that the new name had something to do with my real life (It was the second name of my daughter with her month and year of birth behind it, and I am the only one who actually calls her by her second name).

I changed both the name and the picture back immediately. Here, I was informed that changing your name is only possible once every 60 dys, so explanations like "I was drunk and can't remember that I did it myeself" are off the table.

How is this possible? Can the game look into my private life? Or is my account hacked? If so, it must be a hacker who knows me personally.

This time, I'll make a screenshot of this message before I post it...