I discovered this bug I received after a match I have played yesterday. Ever since I downloaded the new Android game version from the Play store my team is unable to receive after a match has ended or after training.

I tried this yesterday, I played a match and won. I didn't saw any received training points. However my teams energy didn't seem to be affected either. So I tried training. All three options, which should result in a few training points and about -18% energy loss for each of the football players.

Still no loss of energy or did I receive any points. I did this again a hour later, still the same situation no loss of -18% energy and no condition energy loss.

I thought it was with the Android client and tried the same thing this morning, but then on both Facebook.com and TopEleven.com.

I discovered that this bug wasn't with the Android client, somehow I am unable to receive training points and I don't lose any energy either.

Please look into this.