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Thread: OMA Master League IVth

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    OMA Master League IVth

    Ikutan yuk master liga,
    masih kurang 3 team..

    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post

    FACEBOOK GROUP: O.M.A. Masters League IVth Edition -I created a general FB chat too-

    Hi, I open this thread for all those who would like to try something different the next season, which starts in 9 days.

    The idea is create a team from level 1 and use just the starting 80Tokens to create a team and try the best.

    I'll add the rules and so later. Right now this is for fun, gonna think in the way to send some item for the winner


    -Day 1 or 2 of the next season (season 103) the participants should create a new account, with it's 80 starting Tokens and post a screenshot in this thread showing the page : - Squad - Lineup and then choose the second option there (General¬stats and skills) so show here the page of stats and skills of the whole team (so we have a register of the att, defense, and phis/mental %'s of the whole team in 1 pic).

    -The picture will show too, the starting 80Tokens and the boosters.

    -Once season starts there will be from the day 1, until the middle of the regular season, (will depend of the groups, if are of 6 or 5 members) to buy players with the 80T + the ones from the sponsor's + the daily tokens.

    -28 Season sponsor contracts should be signed. so 108 Tokens available. (+daily extras too)

    -The leagues will be played using NORMAL Friendlies -FINALLY- so, teams should be added between them as friends.
    I keep the idea to group in FAs the people, to have a internal chat and to be found searching the asso.

    -Then I will divide the participants in leagues, of 6 member per asso if posible, maybe we have some group of 5.

    -I will ask for the participants countries to try to have better groups to agree the friendlies.

    -I will do a calendar, and the local team will be responsible to agree and program the match, (hope you all colaborate, to try to have a common, or 2 common hours to play the matches) and every round initially will have a time of 2 days to be played (maybe we accelerate it depending of the time, participants etc)

    -Initially, after the regular season of 10 or 8 matches in what I will try to spread the players in 4 groups that should have the asso' names as;
    O.M.A. North League, O.M.A. South League, O.M.A. East League and O.M.A West League, the best 2 of every group, will go to the Finals, been played these in a "Best of 5 format" in what every match will be played to have a winner, so if there's a 90' draw the extra time goals or PK rond will decide where goes the point.

    -3 points/wins will decide the winner of the final rounds, been played always in a 2Local-2Visitor-1Local matches format been "always the Local team, the one that have better position as first criteria, and more points if both are 1st or 2nd in the regular season.

    -The absolute winner will be the one who wins the big Finale.

    -I will ask for screen captures time to time, of the whole %'s players page, as I can't control all factors like, if one pay win bonus or is gathering greens.

    -I will ask participants to don't support others, and yes, the tickets prices can be set to have the +5% possession as Local team.

    -Market open till the middle of the season, so, a group of 6 members will have 10 League rounds, Round 5 will be the last where to buy players.

    -18 players as max. allowed per team, and between the 18 players will be allowed only to have x2 players of 6 stars.
    The argument "the 3rd 6* player I have is a sub', will be not valid, a 3rd 6 star player means that one should be sold as soon as it is posible* -before playing any match.

    -This is a 80Tokens challenge, you will have a max of 108T for players -till middle season- and then for some rests etc. so,
    The plan is just use this budget, and don't watch the 30 daily ads. Try to be fair and respect this please.


    -Maybe a max. of 2 players of 6* will be allowed-
    -Limits in the squad to do rotations of 16 players?
    -Extra points if one reach some cup rounds?
    -Do a cup between the involved teams using the FAs friendlies maybe ?

    edited: I added a comment in the #24, asking who prefer do the 1vs1 joining in FAs groups and doing the simulations via friendlies in groups of 6,,,,,,

    So then, the plan will be;
    -Create a account, linked to the email, so to google play, the day 1, 2 tof the next season (not before or you will promote^^)
    -Once is created, you can open if you want, a FB account, and link the google play acc there, so, if your FB account is closedfor some reason, you will keep the google play access.
    -Then if it's played via assos, we will divide the managers in groups of 6. with leagues of 10 rounds.
    The winners will face each others in a finale at 4 to have a absolute champion.


    Yep, as came to my mind the idea to simulate the leagues, facing each others in FA groups, this can be called perfectly, a new edition of the old OMA Masters League we played till 3 years ago, when the 3rd edition had to be closed for multiple reasons, so this, will be the IVth edition of the Official Managers Association Masters League.

    Here some memories of the IInd..

    (write the passwords in paper for the google accounts please^^ loL)

    confirmed/created teams- pending to draw***
    -CF Rioja 1974 - Bunzo - Norway (probably South)
    -?? - erneeh -Nigeria (probably South) --page 12
    -TripleSix FC - Indonesia (probably North)
    -FC Astori - Francicic - Italy
    -One of Best -Stevan - Serbia
    -Southpark Cows - Sasha -Ireland
    - Vasco da gama - Brunoctc - Brazil* page 14
    -?? - Toxcatl - Rus/chil?
    - San Andreas-Madflo -UK
    -Moon Base 1 FC - Talisman - UK
    - FC Barcelona - Ministry of Sound - ?
    - Kai Kai - Toxcatl -Chile

    these are pending, not confirmed till we have more teams.

    O.M.A North League
    - Slow N Steady - Hairdryer -
    -TripleSix FC - TripleSix
    -FC Barcelona -Ministryofsound

    O.M.A. South League
    -Cheer of South -Khris - Spain
    -Spain Lighting -Ursd - Spain
    -Vasco da Gama - Brunoctc
    -Kai Kai - Toxcatl

    O.M.A. East League
    -San Andreas - Madflo
    -FC Astori - Francicic
    -CF Rioja 1974 - Bunzo
    -One of Best -Stevan

    O.M.A. West League
    -Moon Base 1 FC talisman
    -Southpark Cows - Sasha

    Final Rounds; fixed draws depending of position and points 1 to 8 more/less position points (without coincidence of League in the QFs)
    first finalist from:
    1 vs8 -/-/-/-/-/
    4 vs5
    second finalist from:
    2 vs7
    3 vs6

    Best positioned team, always will have the 2 starting matches home + the 5th one in case to be needed.
    Linknya :

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