This post is for romantics, for all who cryed for joy or sadness watching your teams...

Seven years ago my team (Real Zaragoza) was Kidnapped and during that time:

They changed our shield.
Our heritage was destroyed.
We have been involved in scandals buying games.
Players have been bought by strange investment funds.
With the money from the sale of the best players the kidnapper (Agapito Iglesias) has purchased farms and has given life to satellite companies that made and unmade at will.
We have entered bankruptcy and debt still amounted to about 100 million.
We suffered two falls and have been about 3 times.

For all this and more, thanks to the initiative of a lawyer of our city we have decided to take back what is ours. It has launched a crowdfunding project * by which we can all buy shares from a euro with the goal of reaching 2 million that will be presented to the kidnapper.

We do not know if he´ll accept but we hope that at least we are many who join us so we can make noise and make the authorities to mediate this man have to leave.

What's come today to ask you to support us:

Small contributions, with 1 euro is enough to buy a stock and increase the social mass.
With the hashtag # YocomproRZ helping us spread the word.

I leave a few links to information:


Twitter: @xelzgzdesiempre

Project Info:

Crowdfunding page: Somos Amalgama | Somos Real Zaragoza

And a brief explanation of crowdfunding:

Consists of financing a project with contributions, these contributions only withdraw from the account in the event that the project is completed (in this case reach 2 million and accept).

Farewell apologizing for using your forum for this but understand our desperation.

Thank you very much for your time.