I have played this just for 4 seasons, have some ques about this game,
1)according to wat I hav read previously in this forum is that I see the rating of a Player depending on my league Level. So if I see the squad of a player higher than my level I can see them as 8*-9* players. So that my 6* or7* star will be of much lowet star for them. (This is what I understood, I may be wrong)
I see a 5* player in my auction screen, and I see player about 20-30 levels above me bidding on him....Wat use is he for that player?
2)The game shows that daily recommended player has form ie. 7-8-7-9-10(or something like that)and this stats but does not show this team name.
Plz can anyone be good enough to ans me.
(Sry if this was already asked in the forum)

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