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Thread: Lower league Football.

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    Lower league Football.

    I support/follow a little club. Stalybridge Celtic. A small club that has been hit hard with the restrictions. Many clubs at our level will fold by the end of the season as they live hand to mouth. The game has to be better for having these clubs as it gives opportunity to young players to get experience.
    I don’t really have a point to make. Just thoughts on what can be done to help, the big clubs could use us to grow and nurture the younger players. A couple of sponsors to look a little lower as a small amount of financial help is a lot to a club like ours.
    A big ask but when this is all over and we can get crowds back in the grounds, why not go to your local club and show support even if it’s just one game a season. It’s not the prettiest football but a lot of heart and effort, especially from amateur players who are passionate on football and play for the club. It’s often good to meet in the bar at the end of the game and chat to the players and get to know the team. You don’t get that in the higher leagues.
    Let’s hope for a good season and looking forward to enjoying the game once again.

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    Small clubs should not just rely on local communities. They should do what hastag United has done and get global audience and support. They don't get enough media coverage but many do not to anything about it. Many small clubs are also underestimating how much they can make by monetizing through you tube and other platforms.