It is an extremely sad day with the announcement of some 12 clubs, plus another 3 soon, of the launch of a rich-gang monopoly-clubs competition called the ‘ European Super League’.

Anticipating being expelled from local league and all current European competitions, these clubs would also expect all their players to only play in those so-called league matches within their own gang of max 20 when FIFA has already announced that all players who participate in this so-called league will be banned from World Cup and all international matches.

And no wonder Nordeus has suddenly promoted a series of official bundles to cash-in as much as they could when it is expected many, if not most, current clubs’ fans would quit supporting their clubs for years.

If you are also one of those who feel disgusted and betrayed by the pure greed of these clubs, it is also right to stop purchasing anything club-related items from Nordeus to make sure the developer understands they would gain nothing from us (managers) when they become part of the ongoing promoter of these shamelessly greedy clubs (Yes, a 30-year loyal Arsenal fan here feeling so devastated and will not watch any more match of theirs from tonight).