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Thread: Thoughts on the MLS

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    Thoughts on the MLS

    Just wanted to throw this up there since I can't find a previous thread about this.

    I want to know what you guys think of American soccer players and the MLS as a whole. Do you take them seriously? DO you think the league shouldn't exist? I really want to know what the Top Eleven community thinks. Most preferable, everyone discarding American members; no offense.

    If you want my input, I think the nation's talent needs to get better. We had Freddy Adu, but his parents screwed him over by not letting him play internationally. Now look at him <_<. Also, they should eliminate the draft system. Let the team find young prospects on their own time like in Serie A or the Portuguese League. That way the bad teams are flushed out of the league so the good teams are competible in the Champions League. Wait, do US teams even qualify in the UEFA? XD

    Why I bring this up is that I tried using the LA Galaxy on FIFA 13. Played against someone using Santos (b/c EA Logic) and was being a complete douche on the mic laughing his ears off. He beat me 4-1 and was jerking off til the bitter end. "Pitiful American!"

    And now I move on into Ultimate Team...

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    Only teams in the UEFA can play in UEFA's champions league.

    CONCACAF has its version of a Champions League. 2012–13 CONCACAF Champions League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Champions league is dominated by the Mexican teams.