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Thread: Stupid Nordeus Systems

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    Stupid Nordeus Systems

    First thing im gunna celebrate about me self-deriving the correct counter formation for 3n-2w-2n-1-2 (which is narrow diamond) but then i lost hard at home.

    What the hell? i attacked thru the middle, and being level 3 i had 4+higher avg quality (which is about 20%higher than his avg quality) and i had home bonus plus im watching. i even went on to the extent that i checked that my defenders are faster than his 2-star attackers.

    result? he slammed me 0-3. with sidestepping my markers, thru to the goal, and straight down on my one on one stopper gk. my strikers r sitting ducks and the my whole team didnt get less than 7. i kept morale and condition right up to 97%+. i passed down the middle, had a blue arrow on dmc after his first goal, red arrow on my amc after first half, attacked thru the middle, and his 3~4 star defender tackled my 3~4 star attacker again and again when his 2star strikers sidestepped my 5star defenders again and again. how ironic.

    If I couldnt win with this kind of management i dont really see the management factor in this game. i used the right tactics, right counter-formation, better players, full morale and condition. well, luck could count but i wont be angry like this if it was only 0-1 or 0-2. but 0-3 at home? thats a complete humiliation to me, and a complete humiliation to the managament factor of this so called management game.

    if anyone has some kind of similar experience u can vent it out here, i onow we have a vent thread of some sort but this situation is just crazy.
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    Yeah man, I totally agree...

    You can write here. But never happends. In changes you have to still wait 5min. or more... Posession and support doesn't matter, etc.