Hey guys, I wanna ask your opinion about attacking formation. What kind of formation that comes to your mind when someone ask you about attacking formation?

I have this formation in my mind, I would like to know your opinion about it. Or maybe if you have another formations that you wanna share, it would be a great addition.


with red arrow on AML and AMR, attacking mentality (of course),short passing, mixed focus, whole pitch pressing,marking style zonal (or man-on-man, need your suggestion on this too),counter-attack.

Do you think it is a good attacking tactic? What are the things that I should take note of with this formation (for example, what should i do when the opponent striker is faster than my defender, what if they have more midfielders, etc.)
What kind of tactic that could possibly counter this tactic easily?

I'm sorry because I ask tons of questions, I'm not that good at making a tactic. I hope you guys would like to help me.. Thanks a lot.