I saw all the sticky threads about which tactic to win against another, but I expected a more general thread about basics.

For example, I read that a DMC disables an AMC.
But does a DML disable an AMR or a DL does that or both ?
If my opponent has two AMCs, do I need 2 DMCs or 1 disable both ? Reverse question: if my opponent has a DMC, putting 2 AMCs will let one free ?
What counters a ML ? A DR or a DMR or both ? a DMC also ?
What is the average ratio between opponent ST and my DC ?

And also some tips around the focus passing and passing style. Their effects in game and synergies with tactics.
What is the effect of the tackling style (after some tests, I am about to say it is not yet implemented -_-') ? Of the marking style ? Pressing style ? One is more effective but costs more condition ?