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Thread: need to enhance Butterfly tactic for Cup final

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    need to enhance Butterfly tactic for Cup final

    Hi, today I have a cup final against 3-5-2 flat formation, so I'll use Butterfly formation to counter his ..
    is there any additions in the settings (passing style, tackling, pressing, team mentality, marking, counter attacks, etc ...) also the arrows ..
    knowing that he's level 12 and he has players with Q81, 79, 78, 76, 75, and some between 70 and 74, and I am level 11 with 4 players Q75, 4 players Q74, 1 player Q73 and 2 players Q72 ..

    this is my first cup final ever, and my 2nd time I make it to the final 16 (last season and this season) ..
    I believe I can win .. but I need some advices ..
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    I'm playing 3-2-2-2-1 like this:

    Team mentality: Attacking
    Focus passing: Mixed, depends on the formation of the other team
    Pressing style: Own half
    Tackling: Normal on weaker teams, hard on stronger teams
    Passing style: Mixed
    Marking style: Zonal

    Force counterattacks: Off
    Play offside trap: Off

    I don't use any arrows while playing 3-2-2-2-1, it makes no sense for me. My team is doing very good without arrows.