Hey guys, I know that there are some threads talking about pitch pressures, but what I want to know about pitch pressures is the advantages and the downsides of each type.

When the opponent teams play with a really attacking formation, for example 3MCs - AML - AMR - ST or maybe 2 MCs - AML - AMR - AMC - ST and so on, which type of pressures are you guys suggesting and why? And what about the teams that play with a really defensive formation, for example 5 defenders or 2 DMCs?

Is it good to press the whole pitch against attacking formations by mean not letting them to build up their play? I would say not letting them to build up their play is because attacking formations normally have less defenders, and press the whole pitch means try to press them even in their own half. Pressing them before they reach their attacking player could be a trouble for them to build up their play. Is it right or wrong?

Do you guys agree that use the attacking formation against the attacking formation too?

I would like to know about your opinion on this guys. Thanks in advance.