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Thread: 4-5-1v counter.

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    4-5-1v counter.

    Hi guys, so up against the 4-5-1v formation the guy is weaker in quality but hes won all his games so far and my team has been up and down as haven't found a formation which is consistent like I had last season.

    Have checked a lot of guides for the counter, confused as some say certain formations counter it while others say the v formation counters that formation..

    Currently my set up is 3w-1-3mc-2-1 is this a good formation to use? Really want to win this game as on paper I should win easily but haven't had the best start yet. Ive not used this formation yet what orders should I set?

    I currently have attacking/mixed/ownhalf/normal/mixed/zonal and counter attacks on and offside off

    Also some of my players seem to be having bad form an e.g. of this is last season I mainly had 2 strikers neither really got that many goals one was a scout the other was a 3 star 18 year old who trained rapidly to 5 star, the scout came into his own mid season and scored plenty while my other striker had weaker performances, my scout then got injured so I decided to use only 1 striker which then lead on to my youngster having good performances and scoring every now and then but playing well.

    Same is happening with one of my scout mc's this season it seems he plays great when hes the only mc but plays appalling when I have 2 or 3 mc's not sure why this is.. I never had this problem when I played 4-5-1 and 4-4-2 a lot in my first season.

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    Use this formation:


    For Short:3-1-4-2

    And Best Of Luck

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    I've had good results using 4-3-3 VS much stronger teams than me that were using 4-5-1V

    Also last seasons CL winner used 4-3W-2-1 (x-mas tree formation) and won against a very strong 4-5-1V formation!

    Please post result

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    i suggest you to use what SoMBrA said or 4-3n-1-2
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