Hi, I'm playing my 2nd season, I'm first on the league and this is my squad:

I have read the thread about how to beat each formation, but I'm short of MC's and I haven't any DML neither so I couldn't realize the suggested formations. Please suggest me, pay attention on the players I have and the opponents I have.
Also please tell me which players should use arrows, what type of mentality, etc...

I'm very worried about some next matches which are really important (the one about cup and league ones are The hardest ones.

~This is my team~

About that MC: Pintos, has a quality of 24 and he has 3 days left to play; I got 9 heals (I don't know if tomorrow he'll get 2 days left, if that happens I can heal him and let him play; please tell me if either the day gets discounted after the match or when the day starts.

My opponents

1)• League opponent, we tied the last time we played (When we played my team was at 18.4 and now I got some new players and it is around 22. His team is worth 19.2, same quality than the cup opponent.)

2)• Champions League opponent, I play versus him tomorrow

3)• Cup opponent, I lost 3:4 against him playing as visiting team so I need to win now, no matter what.

4)• League opponent and depending on the results; Champions League opponent or not

5)• Champions League and League opponent

I got $1.72M and 0 tokens, I'll get one tonight and if needed and possible I'll buy 1 or 2, to buy MC's or a DML depending on your suggests. Otherwise, I'd buy only a player tonight (if I nobody else bids), please tell me what formation should I use in that case and what kind of player should I buy.

Please, answer quickly due I got 2 really important matches tomorrow, against 2) (league) and 4) (cl)

Thank you so much, greetings. El Green Team 17