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Thread: Wrong tactics? Issues with 5-4-1 V

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    Wrong tactics? Issues with 5-4-1 V

    Hi all,

    i just switch to a 5-4-1 V formation and my team won't do that well...

    Any suggestions what i'm doing wrong??

    Wrong tactics? Issues with 5-4-1 V-1.jpg
    Wrong tactics? Issues with 5-4-1 V-2.jpg
    Wrong tactics? Issues with 5-4-1 V-3.jpg

    It's the third game i used this formation. Playing draw against weaker teams and my opponents has more shots on goal than my team.

    Screenshots are in german but i think you can imagine what stats that are about.

    Thanks for any hints or feedback.

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    Remove all arrows. I never play 4-5-1V using arrows, my team fails so hard if I do that. Also check if your players have enough condition and morale. And also check if any of these players in the formation are often getting a rating under 7, if you have such players you should sell them or not use them until the next season/until they are playing better.

    I must also say that 4-5-1V doesn't work against every formation.

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    remove all the arrows and if you want to put only blue on DMC .. in case if opponent have AMC ... i play with 4-5-1 V which i have a good experience with it but as Confuzzled say 4-5-1V doesn't work against every formation , so your formation depend on your opponent formation and how to counter it ...

    for orders 4-5-1V : attacking or normal , own half, normal tackling , mixed passing , counter attack , NO offside trap ....

    check that thread and see which formation opponent use >>>

    hope i helped you
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