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Thread: i dont quite get this..

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    i dont quite get this..

    sorry for posting this in the wrong section. i would post somewhere else but each time i click on the 'forum' link at the top of the page, i get directed to somewhere else and i get asked to install something. im not entirely such what wants to install since adblock blocks it right away

    anyway, i was bidding for a player that was at almost 900k, but someone else had made a bid too. when i checked the other player out, his available budget was around 600k. nps i thought.. i have more funds than him so i just outbid him and nps. so i outbid, then he outbids me again. at this point the player was close to 1m. i outbid again and then on the last second, he won the player. eventually selling for over 1m cash.

    im left slightly confused here. how could he bid over 1mil cash when his available budget was around the 600k mark? how could he outbid me when he doesnt have the cash?

    i know i cant bid on players that costs more than the money i have availble so how could that guy do it, and by over 400k?

    i dont care about the player that ive lost out on. it would just be a back up player until my other has recovered from injury. i would like to know how someone could bid a player when they dont have the funds to do so
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    All you need in enough starting money for asking price, it is possible to go into the negative, if the funds stay that way a week, the game starts selling off your players, starting with the most costly.
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