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Thread: How to beat 3N - 4 -3

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    How to beat 3N - 4 -3

    How to beat this formation? i see 4-4-2 should do the job but it didnt. What is the best option? I need to win

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    I HATE the 4-4-2,everytime i tried that,i lost!maybe my bad...but luckily there are different solution for every need! i found,and i talk just for my level and my formation,the 5 midfielders are,in the most of cases,a bless from above. i would pick one among 4-5-1 or 3-5-2,my favourite is the 3N-5-2,flat.That's risk and it depends a lot on the skills of your DCs compared with you 3 opponents' STs. A 4-5-1 formation would be more safe in Defense...but that's up to you and the mentality you will use. i love to Attck/Hard attack/hard tackle/off side trap.So i don't like too many people in my Defense.Hope this helps! anyway,whatever you decide to do,Good Luck!!