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Thread: Anyone throw any light on this formation

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    Anyone throw any light on this formation

    Hey guys, playing a side today that is a 54.2 quality, im a 58.2, he´s playing a 5-2(mc)(Mr)-2(aml)(amc)-1, not sure i´ve come across this formation before, anyone have any suggesrtions on how to beat him, i´m away from home, and need the points to move into 5th position, i´m planning on playing a 4-4-2, attacking mentality, thanks for your views guys.

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    Pretty sure you'll be fine with 4 4 2, I believe that opponent has illegal formation and you should get most possession. I wouldn't start with attacking (unless you can't be there) but that's my preference, I only switch to attacking if normal gets nowhere.

    Just reread and caught the away from home part. But still, with better Q and 80 possesion you should trounce 'em.
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