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Thread: Views on formation and orders

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    Views on formation and orders

    Hey all, playing bottom of the league tomorrow, they´ve only won 1 and drew 1 lost the rest, there a 51.6, im a 58.8, so don´t wanna count my chickens but i´m confident of the 3 points, and i´m home and will be watching the match so should be ok, my problem is scoring a few goals, i´ve struggled against lower placed teams, he´s playing a 5-3(n)-2, i´ve seen the counter formations so i´ve got my options, i´m gunna go 4-4-2, i usually play the wingers with red arrows, it´s the orders i´ll like ya opinions on, i usually go with attacking team mentality,mixed focus passing,own halve pressing,normal tackling,mixed passing style,zonal marking, and no counter attacks or offside trap, what wud you guys do to hopefully get 4-5 goals, thanks guys and gud look for the rest of the season.

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    I dont rate attacking mentality. I score plenty of 9-0, 8-0 playing defensive. The only thing I seem to find is playing attack give even weaker teams then mine to score goals.

    I only play attack when I need to chase a goal but switch back as soon as I get one.