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Thread: how to beat 4-4-1-1

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    how to beat 4-4-1-1

    Ive been searching a lot and it seems to be a weird formation, and since I played with a 3-5-2 and he won by 2 goals (some topics says 4-4-1-1 should be beaten with 3-5-2 flat but I lost), now Im trying to see if there is a good counter formation to win.
    Here is mine and his to beat 4-4-1-1-foreks.jpg

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    I play 4132 def / normal force counter against that with blue arrow for my dmc. I win the midfield battle and shut down his striker and amc. Counter attack works great against one upfront as he doesnt have many chances to score.

    Dont play three at the back as you are triple marking his one striker whilst his amc and ml mr are free. If you want 3w with dmc but not 3 dc.