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Thread: More advice from you pros please

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    More advice from you pros please

    Hey guys playing a 58.9 quality side tonight, i´m a 59.7, he plays a 3(dc)(dc)(dr)-1(dml)-4-1-1, i´m home and usually play a straight 4-4-2, apart from my dr who is a 56, every other player is a 60 plus, so i dont really worry about there ability, but someone said that its not gr8 2 use attacking mentality as it always leaves u open 2 conceding, defensive is always good to use, but im home so shudnt i be taking the game to them, do i pass down the middle, flanks or stick with mixed as normal, any advice would b greatfull, thanks, and good luck for the rest of the season.

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    I always play mix unless there is a big difference in quality of their wings and mid or if he is overloaded on one area of the pitch. Yeah, I generally find attacking mentalty not v good. Test it yourself. I find myself more likely to concede more goals then score more goals. I dunno if that is also dependent on my formation tho.