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Thread: 4-1-3W-2 counter

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    Thanks for responses guys but a bit late
    Played with him and I draw 1-1 (he scored first)

    The formation I started was butterfly,
    He scored at 22 min.
    Then i changed to 3-2(dmr-DML)-2mc-1-2 to score a goal I needed to qualify.
    He changed to 4-4-2 classic at the end of the game. And I kept the result.

    I had like 15 against 3 shoots on target.
    Was a bit unlucky it seems

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaratoustra View Post
    Hello guys,

    Need some help with the following.


    I am overall better in terms of quality but he has better players in some positions (DC - ST).

    Any ideas of formations-orders?

    Thanks in advance
    i'll say go for 3N-1-4-2 formation normal mentality own half no counter attack no offside trap

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