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Thread: matches vs No 9 FC

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    matches vs No 9 FC

    matches vs No 9 FC-2nd-match-stats.jpgmatches vs No 9 FC-2nd-match-highlights.jpgmatches vs No 9 FC-1st-match-formations.jpgmatches vs No 9 FC-1st-match-ratings.jpgmatches vs No 9 FC-1st-match-stats.jpgmatches vs No 9 FC-2nd-match-formations.jpgmatches vs No 9 FC-2nd-match-ratings.jpg 1st match: I realize now that I employed an illegal formation as I only had 2 DC. At the time I didn't know that there could be an illegal formation. This must be a game thing as I never heard such a thing in real life. Anyway, I am posting this to show the odd formations of the opponent and my results. In the 2nd match I used tactics to try to exploit what I thought was his weakness (his left side). I find difficult to believe I should have lost both matches especially the second due my better quality and tactics. Obviously, I had to alter them due to red card. Also, note the D%^&khead move of him subbing 1* goalie in last 2 minutes of match. Any feedback would be appreciated.matches vs No 9 FC-2nd-match-starting-formation.jpg forgot this 1
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