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Thread: Cup final at 12:56 please help me with formation tactics tips

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    Cup final at 12:56 please help me with formation tactics tips

    Hi guys, at about 12:56 I will play a Cup final with a stronger opponent.
    Till now I beat hard opponent of my same quality or a bit stronger, but this guy is definitely stronger.
    The medium quality of my best 11 is about 65-66, his medium quality is about 70, he has all scout players.
    He playd with classic 4-4-2 in first rounds but recently he has bought other scouts and in last round he used often 3W-4-3
    So, now he uses 3W(DL-DC-DR)-4-3 formation
    Can you give me some tips about formation and orders?
    Wiesse and other great coaches, help me

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    I have beaten 3w-4-3 with 4-2-2-2 hexagon

    attacking, down both flanks/mixed, short/mixed, own half, normal tackle hard if opponent is stronger, zonal marking, no offside no counter

    red arrows aml/ amr and the ST's

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    Sadly I lost 2-0 with an header goal on corner kick at 72' and a missed ball by my GK on a long distance shot at 84'
    He began to watch the match at 10'-15'.
    I read your tips just before the match start and I decided to play with 4-5-1 v style, Defensive mentality with counter attack, I used red packs to recover the best one of my two DMC putting on him blue arrow, with red arrows on AMR, AML and ST.
    I hold on very well the match till his 1st goal, I had definitely more chances in terms of total shots and shots on goal. In 1st half he almost didn't have any important chance according to text comment of the match.
    At half time, I thought to insert a 2nd ST to pass to your suggested 4-2-2-2 hexagon, and maybe to change also mentality, but I decided to continue in that way.
    I had some other good chances 1 vs 1 with his goalie or long distance shots or free kicks but nothing, his GK has been a real wall.
    He had injured his DC in 1st time and had to change it with the weaker player of his team...a 5 star
    He had 3 yellor card but those 3 free kicks, as I said, didn't become goal: 1 shot on wall and 2 great saves if I remember well.
    I decided to insert a 2nd striker and pass to Attacking mentality putting blue arrrows on the two MCs but before the sub was made he scored the 2nd and definitive goal thanks to a big fail by my GK at 84', and at 90' he had the chance of 3-0. I saw at match ending that the DMC (wich I took over for the 2nd ST at 77') has had a 4 -.- he is quality 70, in Champions and in Cup had took good votes, in League a row of 6 and 5...maybe I've to sell him, I thought he had made a good match cause the opponent had few chances in central zone of court... I'm sad cause before this Cup he had made poor result in last seasons with simple promotion in League whit 5th-7th places (he risks to not be promoted to level 12 this year, and the other of his League are not so stronger!) and never won a Cup or a Champions before I made an epic run through the several rounds...

    I have had fear of using Attacking mentality, for what I know it is not a good choice with a stronger opponent, and with 4-2-2-2 hexagon I'm not so used to...the header goal for 1-0 has been the real first important chance for him...I spent token to buy rest packs and used all moral blu packs, maybe this helped me to make a performance like this and not to lose 3-0/4-0 cause he destroyed every opponent in previous rounds.
    This was my first Cup final at season 10 level 10, I won 7 Leagues with 1 2nd and 1 4th place (this season it has been a strange League, I wasted too points with inferior team and after today match with the then 3rd ranked wich I won 3-1 I should have gained at least the 3rd place, the 1st sadly is the wekaer of top 4 but beat me 3-2 at his home when I was 1-2 lead and I couldn't defend the score, but if him and the 2nd today don't win there are some chances of win the league).

    In Champions I won 2 times with 1 SF and 2 QF and tomorrow I will have another final, "impossibile" like today. I will ask you help he seems stronger even that today opponent. He use 4-5-1 v style.
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