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Thread: 4-1-3-2 - What should I use vs them?

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    4-1-3-2 - What should I use vs them?

    This makes me feel like a noob to ask for help on beating an illegal formation. But I'm a little bit concerned about this game, since I lost 2:1 in the first leg, and would hate to be knocked out in the first round of the cup.

    Their formation is:



    In the first game I ran 3N-4-2AML/AMC -1 (With the ST stacked left, and the AMC in the middle AMC slot), orders set to passing left flank. Then they had their DC (left) sent off with a red card, so I changed to 3N-4-1-2 with orders passing through the middle and the strikers in the center & left slots.

    I ended the game with 80% possession (They had an illegal formation) + (them)12:16(me) shots, (them) 9:5 (me) shots on target.

    What formation do you think I should run in the next game? I'm thinking about 3-1-2-2-2 V formation. What do you think?

    Next game I'll have a second 5* DC (so 2x 5* DCs), which will hopefully shut down their 6* striker (he's only 1x quality off 7*). I've also swapped out a lot of my players who had bad form last game, with roughly equal quality players. It will also be a home game next time, but if they're still playing an illegal formation, that's probably inconsequential lol. Hopefully this will be enough, but I'm concerned regardless.

    Are my massive amounts of shot not on target, possibly caused by using long passes?

    Any assistance for this game would be greatly appreciated, as I'm concerned about being knocked out in the first round.
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    I would use narrow diamond passing middle, short pass, red arrows on Dl DR and Amc with st. ignore his flanks and attack middle!!!

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    Thanks, don't know why I didn't think of using narrow diamond lol, maybe the thought of an unbalanced flank just blinded me to it lol

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