Hey all, hope ya all looking forward to the new season.

Ive got a similar quality side to face later tonight, i´m a 71.3, he´s a 71.5, so pretty close really.

I´m home and will be watching so will have some possession added(not that i believe it actually Works), he´s planning on going with a 4-1-3(n)-1-1 formation.

I was planning on using a 3(n)-1-3(n)-2(aml)(amr)-1, no arrows on any player.

The orders i was planning are:
defensive-team mentality
Down both flanks-focus on passing
Own halve-pressing
Mixed-passing style
Counter attacks on.

I think it´s a balanced and solid formation and tactics, does anyone have any opinions.

Many thanks, good luck for the season.