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Thread: MC's always perform bad

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    MC's always perform bad

    the thing is no matter what formation i play, no matter if i play with 1/2/3 MC's and no matter which MC i choose..
    they always get 3-5 at losses, 5-7 at wins (7 is rare).
    i have this issue for few seasons already and changed my players few times and even if i try to confirm the MC i buy got good ratings at his last team it doesnt help, at my team he sucks. also tried to bring Either leg MC's - didnt help.

    any ideas? thanks!!

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    I had this problem too. My mc never gets above 5. Perhaps because his skill isn't balance Def 20 Att 40 Phy 25 so he always lose when confronting with the opponent. So I sold him and bought a new MC with more balance skill and it works like charm.

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    MC I lifted the index of attacks and fitness,my MC scored many goals.
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    when you buy players, do you check their rating levels in League, CL and Cup, before you bid??? or do you bid first and then see what you get?? I never knew this facility existed on PC platform. and when I did , I have never bought except on PC. Research first.
    BUY players with decent ratings. Wait until you find what you want and buy to last a few seasons. Saves you tokens in the log run, as well.