Tomorrow I will play the match against number two (I am on the first place) with only one point difference. It will also be the final match of our league.

He plays at home with a 4-3-1-2 formation (1x DL, 2x DC, 1x DR, 1xML, 1xMC, 1xMR, 1xAMC and 2xST) and has a little bit more quality then be. Besides that, he always is present at his matches (+8%) and plays at home (+5%). I will also be present during the match.

So what is the best thing to do and whicht tactics should I use ?

The last few matches I played with an offensive system (3-4-3) and all players pointed forwards with an attacking mentality. But that was against teams with inferior quality then me while I am now opposed to someone with a bit more quality.

So what should I do ? Which formation ? And more defensive play ? or neutral ? Or still on the attack ?
And what about playing the ball ? Al forward, or passing ?7

Please help me, I want to become chamion :-)

Thanks !