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Thread: Help how to counter 3w-2dmc-3w-2 st

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    Help how to counter 3w-2dmc-3w-2 st

    my team is 4-5-1 v style attacking,both flangs,mine pitch,normal,short pass,zonal, counter?
    help match is tomorrow!

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    I would advice for you to use a formation that has 2 STs. For a lone forward, the defense is really tight with 2 DMs and 3 defenders. In my experience my team were really struggling to get a shot on goal let alone a goal when facing a team with that defense setup. I was being cautious and use 4-1-4-1 back then and close the first half with 0-3 score. But after I change my formation to 4-1-3W-2 then BOOM! 3 goal in a row to force the match to end draw 3-3.

    That's just a little sharing from my experience. My suggestion is to start with your regular formation and alter it in the middle of the game if needed.
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