Playing a side who are a 81 quality, i'm a 77.5, he plays a 4-3(n)-1-2, 7 of his players are scout quality, he has 1 world class and 3 of high 70's, individually alot stronger than mine, i'm home will be watching so will have a few extra bonus possession, not that I think it makes a blind bit of difference to be honest, yesterday I played home to a equal quality side who played that formation, I went with a 3(n)-1-2(n)-2(aml,amr)-2 and won, didn't really have too much trouble but as you see this side are far better in quality and players, think I might start with the same formation, but what orders, do I go with my usual attacking, drop to normal or even defensive, try and weather the storm and see if I can counter, attacking down flanks, long ball, should I go with normal or hard tackles, thanks for your views guys, wish me luck.