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Thread: A little help to defeat 4-1-4-1

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    A little help to defeat 4-1-4-1

    Hello guys,
    Tomorrow I play against a 4-1-4-1 in Cup, got defeated 4-1 at home on the first game.
    So I decided to try a 4-2-2-2 Hexagon formation, as mentionned here :


    My questions are, what mentality should I set ? I'm guessing Offensive, to try to score those 4 goals, but not so sure.
    Should I use "Both flanks" and add red arrows to DL/DR and AML/AMR, with Mixed style of passes, or something else ?
    And what about Pressing ?
    I couldn't find informations in the post quoted above, I hope someone might fill me in.

    Thanks !

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    In my opinion, fighting a defensive team with an offensive strategy is not as effective if you need a lot of goals. I don't know, perhaps it's just my preference since I am not a strong believer of attacking strategy. In the last 4 seasons, I always use normal or defensive mentality, yet my team always is the team with the most goal scored. So my point is, it might be a bad idea to fight defensive with offensive.

    Back to your case, 4-1-4-1 is generally a defensive formation with explosive counter attack. So if I were you, I have 2 options, first if i have a better quality then I would I match the formation and use the same strategy which is defensive and counter attack. My second option and the one I personally use to defeat a better team on an away match is using 3w-1-4-2 with defensive, down both flank and counter attack. I won 1-3 btw.

    But that suggestion doesn't guarantee you'll get more than 4 goal on an away match. Because in my experience that is really hard when you facing a defensive team except if you are willing to buy tons of tokens and buy 11 new scout player then it could be easier.

    So good luck
    "Counter Strategy, not Counter Formation"

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    Went with 4-2-2-2 hexagon, attack on the flancks, offensive mentality, mixed passes, pressing on all the pitch, without counter attacks.
    Got sooooo close : win 3-0, one goal short from qualification. I think if my striker hadn't got injured (35') I would have done it.
    But I had to go 4-2-3W-1 because I didn't have a third striker, and my AMC is only 3 stars :/