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Thread: 4-2-2-2 Narrow Pipe today

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    4-2-2-2 Narrow Pipe today

    Hi guys, I desperately need your help!
    Today I'm facing my rival friend - Season 1 to 4 we were both in the same league, fighting for the 1st place.
    He always used narrow formations, his players were always better, but thats not the case!
    Now he's using something different, can you please advice me good ?)

    ST - ST
    AMC - AMC
    MC - MC
    DL - DC - DC - DR

    6 attacking players(MC's, AMC's and ST's) are really good, ST - 4* and 5*, same for AMC, MC - 3* and 4*

    I was thinking of 4-1DMC-3W-2 formation, with red arrows to ML/MR, blue to MC and DMC, defensive, through flanks, mix passes, but I'm not sure and the match is really crucial, I'm in the 1st place with 5 pct difference, halfway through the calendar.
    Another option is 4-2DMC-3W-1 wich is more defensive...

    Any help/opinion will be much appreciated!

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    How about countering it with 3n-2dmc-2mc-2w(aml/amr)-1st. Play defensive with counter